World Pays Attention as US Gives Red Carpet To Indonesian Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto

Indonesian Defense Minister, has arrived safely on October 15 in US (net)
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WASHINGTON – Prabowo Subianto, Indonesian Defense Minister, has arrived safely on October 15 in US. The main duty of the Minister of Defence is attending the invitation of Defense Secretary of USA, Mark T. Esper.

Surprsingly the world pays high attention Mr. Prabowo’s visit showing his popularity regarding his position as Indonesian Defence Minister. This happens caused by ‘warming welcome red carpet’ from US government and expected to meet with top officials at Pentagon from 15 to 19 October.

The world is curious related to how US officials considers Mr. Prabowo plays important roles related to geopolitics and geostrategic position in Indo-Pacific region. It is clearly that the visit is the owacknowledgment of important role played by Indonesia in term of military agreement to be decided during the visit.

For Probowo himself his travel to US is a momentum to regain world respectability.

Some analysts have been discussing in their own column how Prabowo brings message related to the significance of Indonesia as potential ally important for U.S. against China.

The world starts paying attention to Mr. Prabowo when he has been granted by the State Department and issuing him a visa as the symbol of acceptance.

In a statement Mr. Prabowo clearly states that the United States has critical role in maintaining peace and stability in Indo-Pacific region especially in Southeast Asia.

There are lots of intensive talks have been scheduled during this trip between the two parties, and they will explore how two military forces can work together in the future to ensure the mutual interests are protected.

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Mean while, the spokeman of Minister of Defence, Dahnil Azhar Siregar stated that Prabowo brings important mission related to defence to make Indonesia require sufficient weaponry as tools to defence the authority of Indonesia. Regarding the pros and cons of the visit, Dahnil said that just let be since Probowo has been faced so many events in his life as partriot for his beloved nation.

Whatever it is, Prabowo has shown his positive impact as Indonesian Defence Minister as genaral who understands deeply about geoplitics and geostrategy of Indonesia in relation with regional issues such as dispute in South China Sea.

For Indonesia, this issue is much more important to be addressed and his position as Indonesian Defence Minister is considered as properly right.

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